Tuscany Crossover Experience

What is the TCE? It is a style of traveling derived from our love for Tuscany and for sports. We will show you the unknown corners we discovered in several years of exploration for fun or working in the environmental field… TCE is a way to live Tuscany from the mountains to the sea doing different sports and exploring its different landscapes and cultural aspects. The main characteristics of the TCE are:

Modulare Structure
A modular system that can be “reassembled” according to the preferences of the client or depending on the season of the year choosing between different activities.

Increasing Difficulty
Our idea is that the engagement should be not “hard” in order to enjoy nature, culture and the company of the other travel mates; in case a group is made of “though” people, we can increase the sportive side of the activities.

Variable Duration
The minimum length we suggest is of 5 days of activities, every request of longer duration is welcome. It is also possible for the participants to leave the group after some days while the TCE continues for the other ones.

Monothematic Activities and/or Area
If you are fond of a particular sport (e.g. trekking, mountain biking, etc.) or curious to discover a particular area of Tuscany just ask us: we organize 7 days of trekking on the Apennine ridge or 5 days of sea kayaking in the Archipelago !

For doing the TCE we ideally divided Tuscany in 6 macro areas:

A. The South-East Apennine (Appennino Tosco-Romagnolo);
B. The North-West Apennine (Appennino Tosco-Emiliano);
C. Florence and its surroundings;
D. The Chianti area;
E. Southern Tuscany and Maremma;
F. The Archipelago.
Each macro area has its own environmental, historical, cultural and gastronomic characteristics. And of course every area has its preferred sports.

Transfers and baggage transport will be done by a van that will meet the group at beginning and at the end of each activity.

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Tuscany Crossover Experience


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