The Francigena Route

The Francigena Route

The Via Francigena is an ancient road running from France – hence the name “Francigena” – to Rome in Italy, although Canterbury in England is considered the main starting point, much further north. The Via Francigena passes through England, France, Switzerland and Italy, 400 kilometers (250 miles) of the Route are in Tuscany and are fragmented in 15 legs. During the Middle Ages the Via Francigena was an important pilgrimage route, fragmented in several sub-routes that changed over the centuries. The Via Francigena, unlike ancient Roman roads, connected abbeys and not cities, linking sacred places of the Christian world. This road soon became an important artery travelled by men and merchandise, thus contributing to the great rebirth of the European commerce. Along the Via Francigena pilgrims, crossing unspoilt landscapes, can find plenty of monuments and artistic treasures. The Route is also a perfect specimen of slow travel, where pilgrims can take advantage of the hospitality and low-cost accommodations. Today, the Via Francigena can be covered on foot, by bike and on horseback. Recently, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Tuscany announced its application for the UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition.

We propose tours from 2 to 6 days long and three different ways to cover it: walking, armadilling, biking. The tours could be customized choosing different stretches of the Route: more details and description of the single legs can be found on Turismo in Toscana

the francigena route


Walking along the Francigena route on the pilgrims tracks … this is the “classic” style to discover the route. If you like the “slow tourism”, if you love Tuscan landscapes and architecture, if you want to perceive the mysticism of an ancient history, we warmly suggest to spent some days here. You can cover from 10 to 20 km each day, choosing the section that you prefere.The Francigena by foot can be covered all the year long.

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Would you like to travel with your family ? Do you have kids? Do you need to bring a lot of stuff ? We suggest you to try our Armadillos. The Armadillo allows you to transport the luggage for you and your family without strain, so it represents the perfect equipment for those who travel and hike with children. You can cover around 10 – 15 km every day, depending only on… your family !!! Hiking on the the Francigena can be done all the year long.

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Biking is the perfect way to cover a long distance having few days to spent on the Francigena… every day a different section can be travelled! You can cover many kilometers each day (from 20 to 40), viewing a multitudide of monuments, landscapes, trails and meeting a lot of people. The best period is generally from may to october but may change according to the weather and road bottom conditions.

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