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The “Renaissance” and the “Around Florence” Rings
These two rings will bring you to explore the sourroundings of Florence introducing you to lesser known places in its countryside: a different view of this incredible town which will let you to percieve in depth the stream of the History through its territory, from the city to the countryside and from the countryside to the city.

1) The smaller ring Around Florence is closer to Florence and you will hike along the main ridge of the hills and mountains sourrounding the town: its view with its constant presence will be our secret travel companion. In three days we will completely “circumnavigate” Florence passing by historical towns and villages like Fiesole and Poggio a Caiano and ancient monasteries like the Convento dell’Incontro or Monte Senario.

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2) The Renaissance Ring is the the larger ring that will pass by the main villages and towns which had, through the course of the history, particular commercial and cultural contacts with the “Mother” town. The villages of Impruneta, Pontassieve and Signa, the monasteries and abbeys of Certosa or Madonna del Sasso are some of the ancient centers of power, with their alternating fortunes during the centuries, that we will encounter along the route.

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The secret Appennine: the “Route of the Gods
The Appennine between Tuscany and Emilia is one of the most beautiful part of Central Appennine. Here there is one of the most important routes of the Etruscans that crossed the Futa Pass to extend their trades and their control over the Padana Plain. With our packed bikes we will trace the ancient route (some legs are on the original paved road!) through the woods and the mountains that connect two of the most important towns in the center of Italy: Florence and Bologna. Our adventure will also foresee one overnight in a shelter along the route. While biking from Florence to Bologna we will pass by the ancient monastery of M.te Senario, the fortress of S. Martino in San Piero a Sieve  and the nice villages of Monzuno and Sasso Marconi.

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The dirt roads of the Sienese Clays – Under the sign of the Etruscans
What is the Armadillo: it is a small personal craft of about 90 litres of volume (like a huge backpack) which can be transformed in a 4-wheeled cart, a sled, a small boat, a bike cart and a backpack. We will use the 4-wheeled cart version to transport our stuff without worring about bringing the complete photographic equipment, ten unreaden books never opened during the year or plenty of drinking water witout the worry of sparing it. Walking along the Orcia river, whose entire valley was added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we will discover one of the most beautiful parts of Tuscany where the traces of the Etruscan civilazation can be seen or sensed in every place. The beautiful agruturisms (farm holydays) along the route will be our evening destination for a deserved rest.

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